When I flew with my four month old daughter, Ella, I realized that my experience on the airplane could have been so much easier. If only I had a place to lay her down to be able to interact with her, a place to change her diaper or a place for her to go to sleep. Ella couldn’t fall asleep comfortably in my arms on an airplane and if she did we both got so hot that we were miserable. On a flight to New York these thoughts were running through my mind and I started envisioning a light-weight, portable hammock-style seat that could be used on an airplane to meet these needs. Thus, FlyeBaby was born!

A few weeks later, I flew again with Ella, but this time my father (“Papa”) and I had developed the first proto-type of the chair. I couldn’t believe how my idea had come to life and how the concept actually worked. My daughter loved it and people on the plane were asking what it was and where I got it! Ella was able to play peek-a-boo with me and I was able to lay her down and get her to fall fast asleep. Who knew life on a plane with a baby could actually be enjoyable! While she slept, I had two free hands and was able to read a magazine.

When I reached my destination, a rented cabin, I then realized that I had no secure place for her to sit so that I could feed her. She had just started eating solid foods, and trying to feed her while sitting on the floor was a mess for both of us and the floor! If only I had a high-chair. I couldn’t have packed one and I couldn’t expect the family we rented the cabin from to buy one for me. Why couldn’t FlyeBaby serve this purpose as well? Back to the drawing table, we modified the design so that it would work on the airplane and a dining room chair. During the re-design process, we also came up with the idea of the seat being used on an outdoor lounge chair or beach chair. We live in Florida and spend a lot of time at the beach and from her first visit Ella loved to eat sand by the fistfuls! Having a secure place to put her at the beach that allowed me the chance to feed her without the fistfuls of sand was the inspiration behind the lounge/beach-chair use.


During this whole process, I kept thinking that I could not be the only parent with these dilemmas. I consider myself a typical, middle-class parent and when flying with my infant daughter never considered spending the additional money to buy her a separate seat on the plane. It just isn’t in the budget! I try to sort through the thousands of products out there claiming to make life with a baby easier and only buy things that are truly practical and that I will use. I had all of this in mind when designing FlyeBaby.

As parents, we are always looking for products to make life easier. This is especially true when it comes to traveling with a baby. FlyeBaby is that product! FlyeBaby is an affordable, portable and practical product that is a must-have item when traveling. From our family to yours, we wish you safe and happy travels!


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